Wally and Julie-Fan

The Hockey Stick By Barry Gasson

Another fundamental figure in Cha-Cha-Cha and Rumba is the Hockey Stick Fan and Alemana, Fan and Hockey Stick. are the two commonly known movements, but where the Alemana can be taken from other…

Sylvain Lafortune-WEB

Classification of Lifts in Dance By Sylvain Lafortune

“It is important to realize that during a lift, the partners are no longer individuals but are part of a single architectural unit with a common center of gravity and a common base…


Affecting Lives By Sophie Idromenos

In the course of our lives, we encounter individuals who affect us profoundly and perhaps we alter their lives as well. In my first education class in college, the professor presented a critical…

Wally and Julie-Fan

The Alemana By Barry Gasson

The Fan position with Walter and Julie Laird The Alemana is one of the most used, fundamental steps in the Rumba and the Cha-Cha-Cha. However, it is many years since I saw the…


One foot – two feet, the PLANE truth By Barry Gasson

It is generally accepted that the Ballroom Dancer lowers from an elevated position with the body held in a vertical line. That is certainly correct when the feet are together as in the…


Tanzen macht schlau Von Kathrin Burger

Hirnforscher haben Tänzern in den Kopf geschaut und festgestellt: Sie trainieren wichtige Fähigkeiten und senken ihr Demenzrisiko… click here:  http://www.focus.de/wissen/bild-der-wissenschaft/tid-12876/hirnforschung-tanzen-macht-schlau_aid_356073.html Mit freundlicher Genemigung von Focus-Online

cuba cast

Cuban Experience # 1 By Brigitt Mayer

Here’s my take on this beautiful experience, as it appeared in Dance Beat May 2014 Download here: Cuban Experience I Dance Beat May 2014


5 common mistakes we make when we learn By Jean Dorff

5 common mistakes we make when we learn (how to dance)  Whether you learn a language or a new skill some learning principles are universal. Also the mistakes we make when we study…

the role of a coach

What makes a good or effective coach? By Jean Dorff

“A good coach will make his students/athletes see what they can be, rather than what they are. ” – Ara Parasheghian   I think no one will dispute the positive effect sport plays…

Barbara Ambroz workshop the Cuban Experience By Sasha Pust

It took me awhile to decide wether I want to go to Cuba to finally see and get a taste of the “Real Thing”, or not, but once I decided, I just knew…

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