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Ruud Vermeij

Gender Issues, by Ruud Vermeij

By Ruud Vermeij, May 2011
 Today, thanks to the women’s movement, society has generally embraced a progressive attitude toward gender equality. Yet, competitive ballroomdancing creating images of traditional, and unequal, gender stereotypes. How…

Anthony Hurley

The Roll of the Man in Ballroom Dancing, by Anthony Hurley

What are the qualities and priorities of an experienced male ballroom dancer? What is expected of him and what are the ultimate goals he should have acquired during his years of intense learning and practice? Some thoughts on this topic by Anthony Hurley.


General Principles and Associations, by Anthony Hurley

By Anthony Hurley Choreography: remember you cannot win long term on choreography alone. One must develop the tools of the trade as already described to be able to utilise the many beautiful figures…

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